DIY kayak cart

Inexpensive DIY Kayak Cart That Will Last Forever

 Roll that heavy kayak with a smooth, heavy duty set of wheels that you can make yourself in about an hour.  This inexpensive DIY kayak cart will save your back and cost about 30 bucks.     

After my 10 foot sit on top kayak burned out a second set of kayak wheels I looked for something I could make myself that would hold up to the abuse.  What we found was the following post and instructions from

​A quick trip to my local Lowes and Harbor Freight followed by thirty minutes on the miter saw and I had all of the components ready for assembly.  Two heavy bolts and some PVC glue insure it will last a long time.  It's no exaggeration that it will take you less than an hour if you follow the directions.

I attach my kayak to the wheels with a strap that I run around the main axle and through the rear scupper holes which holds them securely in place.  They have never budged even on the 500 yard trail into my local lake which is less than smooth.

I have had more people, pulling the same wheels I burned through, stop to ask me about my homemade version when we pass them headed to the lake.  It's a great feeling knowing I made them myself. 

​You can see how to make one for yourself by clicking the link below and visiting the Palmetto Kayak Fishing website.  Paul Davis, the owner and DIY master for the kayak fisherman has designed racks, fishing crates and other cool accessories.  If you are like me and love to DIY especially when it's better and stronger than what's on the market then this article is for you.

DIY Bulletproof Kayak Cart - Build Instructions + Pics

DIY kayak cart

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