ems journey hybrid shorts

EMS Journey Hybrid Shorts

I bought a pair of EMS Journey Hybrid shorts for a recent camping trip hoping they would be versatile enough to wear all day whether we were hiking, fishing or kayaking.  I didn't want to change four times a day either and hoped they were really quick-dry.

Made of a stretchy, lightweight fabric they are incredibly soft and so comfortable you hardly know you have them on.  They feel more like an athletic short than anything else.  With a small percentage of spandex the waistband has some give which is nice for guys like me that aren't exactly in the best shape of their lives. 

How Quick Do They Really Dry?

​Wanting to put them to the test, I started the clock when I was done fishing and climbed out of the lake. The bottom half of the shorts were soaked which became a perfect gauge.

The EMS Journey Hybrid shorts after wade fishing for an hour. 

ems journey hybrid shorts

The same shorts 34 minutes later, ready for what's next.

ems journey hybrid shorts

There's no question they live up to their quick dry claims.  Over the course of three days I swam, wade fished, kayaked and the shorts dried so quickly I was never uncomfortable and never had to change throughout the day. 

It is important to mention that how quickly the shorts dry depends on what you are wearing underneath.  If you plan on wearing cotton don't expect these shorts to dry quickly.  Match the Journey shorts with a pair of quick dry underwear (like the Ex-Officio Give-N-Go, or the SAXX Quest 2.0) and they will dry extremely fast. 

Other Features of the EMS Journey Hybrid Shorts

ems journey hybrid shorts

Zip rear pocket

ems journey hybrid shorts

Button rear pocket with bungee tether.

ems journey hybrid shorts

Quick drain mesh pockets. 

ems journey hybrid shorts

Light, durable, comfortable material. 

The Best Part

Eastern Mountain Sports line of apparel and gear have always been a great value and the Journey shorts are a bargain. Priced at $24.50, compare them to other brands that cost $50 to $75 for the same material and quality.  

ems mens journey hybrid shorts

EMS Men's Journey Hybrid Shorts 50% Off

 These quick dry shorts are a great value, take a dip and they're dry in no time and ready for a night out.  SPF 30 fabric, super comfortable.  Regular Price $49, on Sale for $24.50. Tan and Navy.