Cairn Box September 2016

My Cairn Box September 2016 arrived in the mail about 5 days after I joined.  I walked in the front door after a long day at work and it was waiting for me on the kitchen counter.  I probably got more excited than a grown man should but hey, it's the little things and it was my first one.

If you're already a member you know that the packaging is well done.  It's like opening a Christmas present, you never know what it might be.

opened cairn box september 2016

What I Got in My Cairn Box September 2016

Every box has 5 items plus a couple bonuses like a Cairn sticker and a card full of coupon codes.  This one was full of practical things I will actually use and the retail value was well above the $25 subscription prices - see the Value Check below.

The info card has a quick description of everything in the box, which is great because some of the brands were new to me. 

Black Strap Daily Tube

The first item is the Black Strap Daily Tube which is like a "Buff" with a cool Cairn, mountain pattern on it.  It's SPF 50, wicking, breathable and anti-microbial.  You can wear it about 50 different ways to block the sun.  Soak it in cool water and it will keep you cool for hours. 

cairn box black strap tube

OnXMaps Roam App Card

The Roam App card is good for one free map after you download the free app.  A full membership is 10 bucks.  I set it up on my phone and was blown away at the detail of these maps.  Trails, roads, rivers, lakes, geographic features and on and on.  

cairn box roam maps

NiteIze Betterbands

A package of two 12 inch stretch bands that have a unique locking system so they hold tight. I can think of a ton of uses for these. 

All Good SPF 15 Lip Balm

I think everyone carries a lip balm.  This one is organic and gluten free with an SPF of 15.  

cairn box all good lip balm

Phive Bar

This one was new to me.  I'm a Clif Bar fan and this was a nice alternative.  Super tasty, completely organic and full of nothing but.. fruits, nuts and seeds. They have a bunch of other flavors which I would like to try.  The box came with a 35% off coupon code for 

cairn september box phive bar

Coupon Codes

Some pretty good discounts on this card full of coupon codes.  From big brands like Stanley, Phive Bar, Acanela and Suunto.  15 to 35% off. 

september cairn box coupons

Cairn Sticker

Everyone loves stickers, now I have a getcairn one. 

cairn sticker in september box

Value Check

There are several different subscription levels, I chose $25 per month.  Cairn claims that each box is full of gear valued at $35 to $40 so let's see how this one measures up:

Retail Price

Black Strap Daily Tube


OnXmaps Roam App Card


Nite Ize Betterbands


All Good SPF15 Lip Balm


Phive Bar


Total Value


The Cairn Box September 2016 was definitely a winner.  A good value, gear that I will actually use on my next outing and a nice surprise in the mail.  I'm looking forward to October. 

If you want to learn more about Cairn Box you can check out their site at:

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