cairn box october 2016

Another Winner, The Cairn Box October 2016

The latest edition of Cairn Box arrived right on time and surprised me with some useful gear for the dog.  A travel bowl from Ruffwear, a massive Epic wipe perfect for my filthy lab, pet salve for his elbows and paws, a NiteIze safety necklace for those late night walks an a Jimmy Bar for me.

cairn box october 2016

Ruffwear Quencher

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  It's as important for pets as it is for the adventurer.  I love taking my dog with me and don't want him drinking from potentially gross sources along the way.  The Quencher is super light, collapsible, waterproof and easy to fill with high quality H2O.

cairn box black strap tube

NiteIze NiteHowl

October means the day are getting shorter so evening walks are in the dark.  This customizable, blinking LED necklace is bright and makes your pet more visible.  

niteowl niteize

Epic Wipes

A wipe that measures 30 x 19 inches!  I wasn't sure what to do with it until I smelled my dog after a two mile walk.  It's big enough to give him a full wipe down 'freshy fresh'.  That's just one use, you can throw one in your pack for a full bath after a long day, or put it in your glove box for emergency use.

epic wipes in the cairn box

Joshua Tree Pet Salve

This was new to me but a brilliant idea.  You take your dog on the road and trail but how many people take care of their pets paws?  Pet Salve helps keep the paw pad strong and healthy.  I used it on my labs elbows which can a beating too. 

cairn box all good lip balm

Jimmy Bar

This is the newest flavor, White Chocolate Cranberry.  Gluten-Free, Nut-Free and all natural.  Who is Jimmy you ask?  Part of the brother and sister team of Jim and Nettie who started the company in 2013 to make clean snack bars with no processed protein or phony ingredients.  

cairn september box phive bar

Coupon Codes

As always, the Cairn Box October 2016 has a card full of great coupon codes from 15% to 25% off.  

september cairn box coupons

Value Check

There are several different subscription levels, I chose the $25 per month.  Cairn claims that each box is full of gear valued at $35 to $40.  Let's see how this one measures up:

Retail Price

Ruffwear Quencher


NiteIze NiteHowl


Joshua Tree Pet Salve


Epic Wipes Massive Wipe


Jimmy Bar


Total Value


Cairn Box October 2016 is a winner, you can learn more about the different subscriptions and how it works by visiting their website:

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