cairn box november 2016 contents

Cairn Box November 2016

I'm a little late in getting the Cairn Box November 2016 review published, my apologies.  There were a total of 5 items in this one, with a value of over $45.  The headliner was the 2-pack of Mission Vaporactive boxer briefs, followed by the Cabin Fever Bandana, the Salazon Chocolates and another cool Cairn Sticker. 

cairn box november 2016 contents

Here are a few more details about each piece of gear in this months box..

Mission Vaporactive Boxer Brief 2-Pack

These ultra quick drying athletic boxers have a patented cooling system called '37.5'.  They infuse the fabric with active particles that speed the evaporation and cooling process.  

vaporactive underwear in the cairn box november 2016

The 2-pack has a black and grey pair, they feel similar to spandex and are quite tight and supportive.  I've never owned a pair before but was really pleased with how they felt throughout the day.

Cabin Fever Bandana

This is as multi purpose as it gets.  A bandana for your head, neck or table that folds out into a game board for checkers, chess, tic tac toe, marbles and dots & boxes.  

cabin fever bandana in the carin box november 2016

Find some stones or pine cones for game pieces and play on playa.  Then snap it and wrap it around your head when your done.  

Salazon Organic Chocolate Bars

Salted. Organic. Dark. SOLD!  This was my first experience with Salazon chocolate and they are excellent.  At least that's what my wife told me.  She doesn't even like dark chocolate and yet they disappeared rather fast. 

Cairn Sticker

I love that Cairn has so many different stickers.  I've gotten a different one each time and it's fun finding a place to stick them. 

cairn sticker in september box

Value Check

There are several different subscription levels, I chose the $25 per month.  Cairn claims that each box is full of gear valued at $35 to $40.  Let's see how this one measures up:

Retail Price

Mission Vaporactive Boxer Briefs 2-pack


Cabin Fever Bandana


Salazon Chocolate Bars


Total Value


Wow! The Cairn Box November 2016 (at the $25 level) really crushed it this month in terms of value.  Over $45 worth of gear!  If you are interested in looking into a subscription I would recommend you check out the Cairn site.  They have several subscription levels and special boxes that make great gifts.

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